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Does anyone know the number to the actual corporate office to file a complaint? There are several numbers listed online but they all lead back to the same customer service office not corporate.

I ordered a very dark mahogany bed set. The pictures all show the very dark set. When I added it to the cart it was very dark. When they sent me a confirmation email it still had the picture of the very dark set and then below it said "the set includes" and had a picture of a light brown bed that looks like the color of poo.

I called to make sure I was being shipped the correct bed and after 2 transfers I spoke with Maxine Martine who was rude and had an attitude like I was a bother to her day. I asked for her email address to send her a copy of the invoice to see what was talking about. She provided maxine.martine@renegadefurniture.com . I emailed her the invoice that shows two pictures of two different colored beds.

She very rudely said it was the same bed. I asked if she could see that the photo under the "set includes" is a different color. She continued to say it was the same bed and would not address that the photos are of two completely different colored beds with different color leather trimming. She continued to be rude so I asked to speak with a manager that might be able to assist.

Rather than put me on hold I could hear everything she was saying. She said, "Will someone get me a manager this woman is driving me nuts. I can't get through to her and she is really driving me crazy. " When the manager approached she spoke to him with more politeness as she explained why I asked to speak with him.

When he came on the line he introduced himself as Steven. I asked his last name and he said "smith". I explained the issue and Maxine's very rude behavior in which he apologized and stated he would speak with her about it. I informed him that I would be making a formal complaint against Maxine Martine as she does not have the skills to work with customers and should never treat a customer rudely when the customer is being polite and asking for her help.

He apologized again and explained that the second photo is just because they take photos with brighter lighting to lighten the color of the item to make the details more emphasized, but that yes, the bed I am getting IS the very dark mahogany and so are the matching pieces. A quality customer service representative could have politely explained that to me but instead was disgustingly rude.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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