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On June 28th, 2014 I ordered a dinette set to be delivered to my sister in San Antonio, TX, from Coleman’s Furniture, thinking that the company had a reputation of customer satisfaction. However, even the webpage shows Coleman as the merchant, the order was passed to another company called Renegade Furniture, I did not deal with Renegade furniture, but that is how my Amex statement showed the charge. At the time I place the order, it showed that the delivery time will be 2-4 weeks.

On July 24th, I received an e-mail communication that the item was shipped from the manufacturer (never knew who they were) to their (Coleman-Renegade) delivery company. The delivery company (Reliable delivery) at san Antonio, TX supposed to call my sister at San Antonio in about one week after July 24th to schedule the time for delivery. We did no hear from the delivery company, and after one week we called Reliable delivery at the number Coleman provided to us. The man at Reliable delivery told me and my sister (we both called) that some parts of the order did arrive, but he would not be able to deliver the order because a pedestal for the table was missing, a chair was broken and the whole table top did not arrive (this happened about August 4th). We called back to Coleman for an explanation and customer service at Coleman told us that the parts missing will be arriving the next day (Aug 5th) we called again to Reliable Delivery the next day and an angry man told us, there was nothing he can do for us until he receives the missing parts. We keep calling Coleman for the next two weeks, and every time we called, the customer service rep told us that the missing parts were arriving the next day via UPS, I asked for the tracking number repeatedly and they were not able to provide any tracking information for the delivery of those parts. I asked for a supervisor several times and I was never able to speak with any other person than the customer service rep which keeps telling the same “the parts are on their way”. On August 18th after being frustrated with such poor customer service I decided to look on the reviews online for Renegade Furniture, just to learn that their business practices are a nightmare for anyone that do business with them.

Around August 28th and after many lies, I decided to call and cancel the order, due to the dishonest information I was receiving, bad customer service and really thinking that I was doing business with a company that was a joke. After I expressed to customer service that I definitely want to cancel the order, they pass the call to Steven Smith, who told me that on the next day the whole dinette set was going to be delivered, how that could be possible? that same day I spoke to the man at the delivery company and was told that nothing was received since the last time I contacted him? At that point I was even more frustrated and told Steven very clear to consider the order cancelled, that I could not wait for any longer to receive more lies. He apparently did not acknowledge the cancellation.

I called American Express to place a dispute, and really believed that Amex would not pay Coleman/Renegade for the charge. After that we did not hear anything else from Coleman, until about one week ago (Oct 29…4 months after the order was placed) my sister in San Antonio said someone from NY was trying to contact her, she believes is Coleman, but she does not want to deal with them anymore.

I already ordered another dinette set in October from Costco, and believe that it will be a completely different experience, unless the business practices in America have changed.

How a Credit Card company can do business with companies that hurt they customers? Just check out the customer satisfaction reviews to learn what type of company Coleman Furniture/Renegade Furniture is, reviews from “Stole my Money” to “Scam Artists”, from many reviews, there isn’t a single one positive, all of them are horrible experiences.

Here is an example of a customer review:

DO NOT GIVE COLEMAN FURNITURE YOUR BUSINESS! I cannot say enough about how difficult and drawn out my experience with Coleman Furniture has been. Long story short, this is a terrible company that is run by dishonest people, and I am stunned that they are still in business.

I'd like to point out that Coleman Furniture is owned by Renegade Furniture Group, which also owns Mazel Tov Furniture. The founder and CEO of the company is Yisroel Bruce Krinsky.

With regards to my story, I unassumingly placed on order through the Coleman Furniture website in June of 2012. One month later, I received a brief e-mail from Steven Smith stating that their warehouse had been trying to contact me to set up a delivery date. I hadn't received a single call from anyone. I responded immediately, and thus began the first stint of phone tag.

In October, nearly 4 months after I placed my order, a delivery attempt was made. The first piece of furniture that was unpacked was cracked completely in half, and the delivery company's employee advised me to refuse the delivery. I did exactly that, and was contacted shortly thereafter and told that the furniture would be repaired locally, and re-delivered at a later date. Having been warned in advance by the same delivery employee that Coleman Furniture would try to do this, but that there was no way to repair such a defect, I asked if the furniture could instead be exchanged for a new, undamaged set.

Over the next 12 months, I placed between 30-40 calls to Coleman Furniture to follow-up on the issue. The replacement furniture was never shipped, and no one ever called to update me on the status of things. Each time that I called for such an update, I was automatically routed to Steven, who always put me on hold for 5-10 minutes (for no clear reason) before giving me some lame excuse and telling me he'd call me back the next day with more information. I never once received a call back. He eventually began to screen my calls, so I started calling from a private line.

In July of 2013, nearly 13 months after my initial order, I finally asked for a full refund (in lieu of the "exchange" that had never materialized). Steven agreed to this, but continued to give me the run-around. By December, I started calling on a near-daily basis. Midway through the month, he told me to call back between specific hours in order to talk to "the person who handles our finances". After 3-4 additional calls, all of which were placed during the aforementioned hours, he happened to discover one day that replacement furniture had actually been shipped several weeks prior (per a "new" update that magically showed up in their system), and had already arrived in the local warehouse near my home. Prior to that day's conversation, he had never even mentioned that he was planning to re-ship the furniture. When he began insisting that someone from the warehouse had been trying to get in touch with me for weeks, I finally lost it. I told him that we had been discussing a refund, not fulfillment of the order I had placed 18 months prior, that he had agreed to this, and that this had been the topic of our last 20+ conversations. I also called him out for blatantly lying to me about the furniture having arrived in my state, given that he had repeatedly told me there were no updates in the system as recently as 24 hours prior to that conversation. Though he acknowledged that all of this was true, he kept repeating that there was no way he could issue a refund. I was absolutely livid by this time, so against my better judgment, I went on a short rant during which I told him that, as a doctor married to a lawyer, there was no way I was going to let him take advantage of my family, and that I had every intention of filing a lawsuit if the issue wasn't reconciled that same day. Less than 60 seconds later, he told me that a check for the full amount of my initial purchase would be mailed that same day.

I fully anticipate that this post will receive a response stating that Coleman Furniture did, in fact, try to reach out to me, I never picked up their calls, I refused a full refund or otherwise obstructed the process, or any number of other lies meant to protect the company's nonexistent integrity. I would challenge anyone reading this post to look at the myriad posts by other customers who have had very similar experiences (links below), and to decide for themselves what to believe. It's no surprise to me that Coleman Furniture has had 70+ complaints filed against them within the past 3 years; they previously had a D+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, but are no longer accredited.






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Wish I would have seen this before I placed an order; currently going through a worse situation with Coleman or is it Renegade?

to SA #1628385


White Plains, New York, United States #1327341

Shut up, get a life! Coleman-Renegade is wonderful!

to Anonymous #1451916

Lmao!!! That reply is priceless... It totally confirms this customers story about this company...

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