We bought a beautiful wall unit. It was delivered and placed by 2 furniture installers and they were terrific.

We immediately noticed that it was 2 different colors (it is 3 sections-the middle piece is white the outer pieces are beige) but we did not contact customer service as we didn’t want to give it up cause it is so beautiful. Within 2 months we realized we were being stupid by not fixing this problem-after all it was very expensive and it was wrong! So we contacted customer service. They were horrible!

First they said we were past 60 days and they would do nothing-wrong answer! Then i continuously called, left messages and recieved no return calls. Then they emailed me a form which I found difficult to navigate-they would only accept emails with pictures. I am so frustrated with them that I have given up.

I had rec them to a friend and she also purchased a wall unit that was delivered with door that does not close. She too is having a hard time getting someone to fix it. I am so disappointed with this customer service.

That has ruined my experience with this company. I would never recommend them again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Coleman Furniture Customer Care.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Fix the problem of 2 different colors!.

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Wow I was going to order furniture even got two quotes after reading your comment I will not order from Coleman furniture, and the response you got.... I’m so sorry!

to Anonymous #1586247

Good choice. I received my home entertainment center last Saturdsy after waiting 4 months.

Missing shelf and back; not a concern for Coleman. Totally rude; no customer service.


You waited beyond the time allowed for returns, thus you have no valid complaint against the company. You snooze, you lose.

to h.kitchener #1451903

She may have waited too long but the fact still remains thatA.) they screwed up sending 2 different colored pieces of furniture andB) she is not the only person on the internet with similar or worse complaints about this company... Thanks to that I also will not be giving them my $4000 I was going to spend on a leather sectional and wall unit.

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